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$10K in 60 Days With Zero Paid Traffic

You are not special.Now, forgive me for being so blunt…and hear me out.If you’re like many people in this industry, you likely followed a familiar trajectory:You wanted to earn a li’l extra on the side—maybe to afford a new car; pay down debts; or just to have a cushion, so you weren’t having stress about […]

5 Daily Practices for a Perfect Week

Running a marathon isn’t easy. In fact, it’s impossible…. Unless, of course, you’ve been training for months…running 3-5 times per week, gradually increasing your mileage, preferably for at least 6 months to a year. That’s the “secret.” It’s the same in business (and in life)… The ONLY “magic bullet” for success are the habits you practice day after day (after day). […]

VSL Templates PRO Review + Bonuses-Product – Promotion

VSL templates Pro review + bonuses a comprehensive review of a must-have tool for any marketer to use for product promotion.Why Most People Struggle With Creating Sales VideosIf you’ve been online for at least a while, then you now how essential having a sales video is. If you study all the bestselling products on ClickBank […]

Why Top Recruiters Are Almost Never the Top Earners

​written by Ferny CeballosThis past week, I had a wonderful conversation with a top earner in a fast growing network marketing company, named Laura.Laura is actually part of a small elite group of top producers, who recently started working with Elite Marketing Pro to help take their business building efforts online and supplement the incredible […]

Having a Healthy Lifestyle that Aides Weight Loss

Having a Healthy Lifestyle that Aides Fat Loss   A healthy lifestyle is something everyone wants to have and so a lot of people look for easy ways to get this done. But, the only way you can lose that weight fast begins when you change your mindset about certain things. Make yourself come to terms […]