The Millionaire Mindset Are You Striving To Achieve It?

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Throughout my online marketing career I’ve always strive to achieve a millionaire mindset. I have found the platform that has helped myself, six, seven and eight figure marketers reach our goals.

Just to began let me say a little bit about myself.

I was a twenty five year veteran of the restaurant industry.
After suffering a tragic fall that left me physically disabled ( a Quadriplegic)
.With hard work and determination, I began to put my life back together.
‘( here I am going to rehabilitation)
I picked myself up through self-motivation and the help of motivational tools.
Even though I remained physically disabled I still had my mind and an entrepreneurial spirit.
I began new adventure of learning, how to make money for myself. Without having a per se job
 Online Marketing was the vehicle that helped me restore a profitable income from home.
I went through a lot of pitfalls in learning the business.
It is my VISION to see more wheelchair-bound   and other marketers.
To have a great quality of life and be able to earn Online, despite their disabilities.,To not go through what I did,which is why I developed Rollxmarketing.
A  couple of books that I read that inspired me to  have a millionaire mindset were, Cash Flow Quadrant and Secrets Of The millionaire Mind. For this post I will emphasize on what I learn from Cash Flow Quadrant. In this  the author talks about four types of people that are in the cash flow quadrant. The winning elements to form a Millionaire Mindset.


The person who works 9 to 5, an assembly-line shift work, gets paid for his/her time but has no control of it.

Then there is the Self-Employed

Where  an individual who  owns a business, while spending the majority of his/her time working it,  Has to develop  a system and put it in place .Rather becomes a glorified employee, with no time for themselves. If they were to leave the business for any amount of time, would not have an income.This and the Employee Quadrant, are where 90% of population falls into. While only generating 10 % the wealth.


 The millionaire mindset begins in the Business Quadrant.

An Individual buys into a SYSTEM that is proven to work i.e. a franchise like McDonald’s or Subway. This is where you get the training instructions on how to run a business.  Where the systems are already in place. Thus less hands-on and more time for themselves.

The final quadrant is is the Investor

The investor is the person who lets his/her money work for them by investing in a business, and putting as little personal effort into it. The investor puts his/her money in stocks bonds & businesses where the training & systems are already in place spending 100% of capital for 100% of someone else’s effort. This side of the quadrant is where 10% of the effort is put in 90% of the wealth is made.

How to change from the E&S quadrant to the B&I Quadrant

So how do you move from the E & S Quadrant to the B & I Quadrant in online marketing. You need to have an online platform I like Elite Marketing Pro that allows you to learn from the top earners. To perfect the different ways to earn money online. Whether it’s social media, paid traffic or a simple blog.
As the saying goes to know how millionaires think you have to surround yourself with millionaires, people who have the proven systems for generating money online. You have to begin thinking like a millionaire.  Realize that  this is not a Sprint rather a marathon  because there is no  get rich quick scheme. To get to the B and I quadrant you have to plan it out set up a game plan and execute.




Dedicated to your success

Charles Owens founder Rollxmarketing

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Twenty five year veteran of the restaurant industry ranging from fast food to casual fine dining. After suffering a tragic fall that left me physically disabled I have picked myself up through self-motivation and the help of motivational books. I set off on this new adventure that is enjoying life to the fullest despite physical disabilities scuba diving, roller coasting, traveling around the world. All the while making an income from the internet with just a few SHORT hours a week of work ... check out my sites below